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markers that include the section *number* in the marker text?

Hi all, 
I am setting up Change markers (custom marker type) for a change
history. The idea is that we should be able to generate a list of
markers or index of markers which will be used to create another doc
that explains the changes in the text. The regulatory people would like
us to mention the specific section number for each change. If I add a
change marker to the section heading paragraph (i.e., heading 1 through
heading 3), is there a way to have the marker text grab the
auto-generated section number for that paragraph? Or is there something
to set up in the generated list or index of markers that can do that? 

Thanks in advance,

K. Ananda Stevens
GE Healthcare 

T 1 847 704 8626  
D *685 8626 
E ananda.stevens@xxxxxx 
800 Business Center Drive 
Mt Prospect, IL, 60622, USA 
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies 

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