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Re: markers that include the section *number* in the marker text?


> [...] The idea is that we should be able to generate a list of
> markers or index of markers which will be used to create another doc
> that explains the changes in the text. [...] is there a way to have
> the marker text grab the auto-generated section number for that
> paragraph?

You can generate an index or page-sequence list from your new Change 
markers much as you create an ordinary index or list.  But on the IX 
reference page, find the IndexIX paragraph in the IX flow (text frame). 
The IndexIX paragraph controls the look and feel of the page numbers 
but also specifies which locator to use which, by default, is normally 

where Heading1, etc. are the para formats from your hierarchy of 
headings -- as many as you have heading levels.  The plus sign (+) 
makes FM search backwards from the location of the Change marker 
to the first para that matches one of the Heading1, etc. formats, then 
picks up its number.

The generated list or index will now contain entries by section number 
no matter where in a section the Change marker is placed -- it doesn't 
have to be in the heading paragraph.


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