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RE: Conditional Text and cross-references

Huh.  I thought this was on the "expert" test, under "how to hack FM".
I've been using that for years to tweak kearning/tracking.

OTOH, I've never figured out how to get embedded formatting to work for
generated marker lists.
      Marker Type: ChangedContent
      Marker Text: <B>Heading\:<Default Para Font>note on what changed.
Generating a List of markers always treats the marker Text as text, 
while generating an Index of markers reads the formatting and applies


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Hi, Rebecca:

At 10:28 AM +1300 11/29/05, rebecca officer wrote:
>Hi Anita
>We saw exactly this behaviour and decided it happened when our xref
>format included the "Default para font" tag. For example, we used a 
>paragraph format to turn on bold for part of the xref text, then 
>used default para font to go back to normal. So we bypassed the 
>problem by using a tag that specifically turned bold off, that 
>otherwise had everything set to "As is". Works fine.

This has got to be one of the all-time most-obscure FrameMaker 
Trivial Pursuit discoveries ever made!! Congratulations!

Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices
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