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RE: Graphics question

<G> Cute, Jefro.

What I wanted was 4 pix (T,B,L,R) that I could add to an anchored frame
as needed without having to tweak the underlying image file, as then I
could reuse the same underlying image in different places in the

What I will have to do now is keep a separate version of each edited
image (plus the master) in my picture folder -- probably about a 30%
increase in the number of files (already over 700) that I have to

This is true if I use Snagit, Photoshop, or any other editing app.
If I save the Master as a PSD, I can use layers, but I then have to
recreate the layers for each master.
(I know, create/save a "blank" image with the four fade-out layers, and
then add the screencap as a base layer.  That is yet another pair of
steps (the images are not all the same size/dimensions, so there is
creation, then resizing, then adjusting focus/visible layers.)

Sub-optimal, but that seems to be the way of the world.

Scripting only works if the hidden/revealed areas are the same in each
image -- which is not true.


>     Doing it in Photoshop IS saving time & brain strain.  :)

Peter Gold:
>     If you need to do the same operation to the same 
>     degree on all the graphics, consider creating a 
>     batch process in PhotoShop on a directory of 
>     files. You could write the originals to a 
>     safe-keeping subfolder, or rename them, while 
>     keeping the processed copies in the original location.
>     Perhaps SnagIt offers a batch operation, too?

Caroline Tabach
>     Yes,
>     Snagit offers excellent batch processes.
>     (also a satisfied customer!)

-----Original Message-----
Grant Hogarth wrote:

>Ah well... *sigh*
>Yes, I can do it in Snagit.
>I can also do it in Photoshop -- 
>I was just trying to save some time/brain strain.

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