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censorship? RE: SPAM traffic increase

The appended post I sent this morning hasn't shown up on the other framers list either. Has anyone else on the other framers list noticed a significant uptick in SPAM since the changeover? This may be caused by a virus on somebody's machine who has my name in their address book and have nothing to do with the framers list. However, if others on the list have noticed this as well it may be something that list should be discussing.
P.S. About 15 more SPAM messages have come in since the attempt to post this.
From: "Craig Ede" <craigede@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "FrameUsers" <framers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: SPAM traffic increase
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 07:34:10 -0600

Just a side comment on this change. This morning I found 75 items in my Bulk Mail folder; a folder that up until today used to only rarely contain a message. Could this list manager have contributed to this increase in SPAM I'm suddenly receiving?

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