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Re: Censorship alive and well on frameusers

Jeremy, Art, and Auld Uncle John Cobbleigh and all:

> <art.campbell@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > [...] framers is a privately owned commercial
> >list, and the owners are the owners. 
> WRONG, Wrong, wrong!  [...] The original framers was a community 
> list that predated the takeover by Brad by many years; I was on it 
> back when it was hosted on uunet.

You took the words right out of my mouth, Jeremy.  And Phong Co was
the last list admin.  When he get tired of it, he handed the job --
not the list -- over to Brad, who had volunteered.

> [...] The *only* other way one can own 
> a list is to start it from scratch, asking people to opt-in. 
> Brad never did that.  Ergo, he never owned it.  Simple truth.

Now as Jeremy and I were both on the list, we are actually two 
of the owners.  We are prepared to sell our share for $100 million 
each.  'Course, we can't speak for the other owners' sellout ... er, 
asking prices.  8^)
> >And Mailman... I think it's a great little program. Open source. 
> >Free.  Maybe the archiving isn't as good as Yahoo's, but you 
> >don't have the penalty of having your address broadcast 
> >either.[**]
> So far, I've found no real working substitute for majordomo,
> and I'd dearly love to find one...

Ah! Majordomo, elm and pine ... ASCII based console mail clients;
them were the days. Thanks for the nostalgia trip.


** You can suppress your address; depends how the listadmin sets 
it up.

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