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Re: Color in PDF - Printing in black&white

I set up three FM files, one called "printtemplate" another called
"onlinetemplate" and a third calls "basetemplate."

Basetemplate had all the tags (table, char, para, xref) and such that
were constant between online and print delivery.

Onlinetemplate defined those tags that were color in online output.

Printtemplate had exactly the same tags as Onlinetemplate but had the
print setups. And, in fact, the page size for print was different than
for online, I provided US Letter for online, so users could print
their own, but I was **required** to use a slightly smaller,
non-standard size for the stuff that went to press. These templates
took care of that, also.

I had two FrameScripts that imported the formats and set online,
print, and other conditions, also, for each output, so when I wanted
my print PDF, I ran one FrameScript, when I wanted my online PDF, I
ran a different FrameScript, and that way I never forgot anything.



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