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RE: Including EPS files in a Framemaker document using MIF

Hi, James:

Have you tried manually creating an example FM file and saving it to MIF, to see exactly how the object structure statements and path are represented?

At 4:19 AM -0800 11/9/05, James Etchells wrote:
Hi Marcus,

Thanks for your quick response. First of all I think
my origional message may have been a bit misleading.
Actually I am creating an MML file and importing it
into framemaker. However, the commands I use are MIF
commands from the MIF manual. The problem thus seems
to be in the mml2mif conversion.

Now in response to your questions/suggestions, in the
first example the MIF/MML file is indeed in the same
directory as my image. Also I have tried using
ImportObFile with the unix style path but for some
reason it still doesnt work. For instance I have tried
the absolute path:


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

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