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Re: Including EPS files in a Framemaker document using MIF

James Etchells wrote:
> Hi Marcus,
> Thanks for your quick response. First of all I think
> my origional message may have been a bit misleading.
> Actually I am creating an MML file and importing it
> into framemaker. However, the commands I use are MIF
> commands from the MIF manual. The problem thus seems
> to be in the mml2mif conversion.
> Now in response to your questions/suggestions, in the
> first example the MIF/MML file is indeed in the same
> directory as my image. Also I have tried using
> ImportObFile with the unix style path but for some
> reason it still doesnt work. For instance I have tried
> the absolute path:
> <Aframe
>  <BRect 0 0 5" 3.5"> 
>   <ImportObject 
>    <ImportObFile
> `<r\><c\>home<c\>jim<c\>myDirectory<c\>data_node_93310.eps'>
>   >
>  >
My god is  MML still supported.
It could be a bug in the MML2MIF as this is ancient code and may not
produce valid 5.5 MIF.
Though Frame should be able to open MIF from any era.

If you can write the MIF directly it may make your life easier.

Looking at one of my MIF files the code looks like this.
  <ImportObFileDI `<c\>common<c\>images<c\>10_086 header.pcx'>
  <ImportObFile `common/images/10_086 header.pcx'>

These files are stored in CVS as MIF and Frame has no problem opening
them - but I am running on Windows.

Marcus Streets

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