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Question about languages and XML files in Frame

I have what may be a stupid question but I am tired of banging my head
against the wall for now.

When you install a French or German version of FrameMaker, do you get
the same xdocbook source code (for the Structured Application) or do you
get a French or German version?

I ask this because the code that is in xdocbook is not extended
character friendly and it has English words in it ("See" and "See also"
for index entries as an example). We produce documentation in many
languages and in general have been pleased with the switch to XML and
the flexibility that this gives us but have been running into
difficulties with languages as we do not want to have to maintain
separate templates/EDD and dll's based on languages. 

So I guess a follow up question would be: is there a way to pass/read a
language attribute/setting on a file and process it differently
depending on what language the document is in?

Sue Mitchell
Documentation Engineering Services
x 5461 
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