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Re: Importing MIF file by copying and included images by reference?

Hi Jobst,

Can you import by reference and then convert the text inset to text?

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Hello Framers,
> I import an automatically produced mif file into a fm-file with contains
> some basic layout settings by using "copy file into document" because
> the included text has to be edited within Framemaker. The mif file also
> contains anchored frames with eps files which should not be copied into
> the document, but should be imported by reference. 
> Does anybody knows how to easily manage this combination of copying? The
> eps files are imported only by reference if the mif file itself is
> imported by reference, too.
> The only way I currently see is to include all layout settings into the
> mif and to directly open the mif file instead of importing it. But this
> way would cause quite a lot of work in my publishing system.
> Using FrameMaker 7.1.
> Thanks in advance
> Jobst-Hinrich Jacke
> proNet Informationssysteme GmbH
> www.pronet-systeme.de 

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