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Importing MIF file by copying and included images by reference?

Hello Framers,

I import an automatically produced mif file into a fm-file with contains
some basic layout settings by using "copy file into document" because
the included text has to be edited within Framemaker. The mif file also
contains anchored frames with eps files which should not be copied into
the document, but should be imported by reference. 

Does anybody knows how to easily manage this combination of copying? The
eps files are imported only by reference if the mif file itself is
imported by reference, too.

The only way I currently see is to include all layout settings into the
mif and to directly open the mif file instead of importing it. But this
way would cause quite a lot of work in my publishing system.

Using FrameMaker 7.1.

Thanks in advance

Jobst-Hinrich Jacke
proNet Informationssysteme GmbH

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