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Re: A new type of PDF

> .... I recently ran intoa PDF file about a week or 2 ago that blew 
> away my whole perception of what PDF is. ..
>    SoI download the PDF file and to my astonishment, there were text 
> to fill out tyat I could actually type into, save, and email the PDFfile 
> to them. Which I did, happily.
>       How can I create a PDF file like this?

Rick gave you the answer... you can embed PDFmark codes in your Frame
file and distill as usual. The "headless Distiller 5" should work as
well as any other Distiller of that vintage.

To see what software created the PDF, in Acrobat Reader, use File ->
Document Properties and look at the "Application" field.

Larry Kollar, Senior Technical Writer, ARRIS CPE Products
"Content creators are the engine that drives
value in the information life cycle."
    -- Barry Schaeffer, on XML-Doc

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