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A new type of PDF

	Hi, I am a longtime lurker in this group, but find that I now need to 
ask a question. I recently ran intoa PDF file about a week or 2 ago that blew 
away my whole perception of what PDF is. The PDF file in question I happened to 
download from the Massachusetts Secretary of State home page. I needed to fill 
out some forms, sign them and fax them back to the SoS's office.
	SoI download the PDF file and to my astonishment, there were text fields 
to fill out tyat I could actually type into, save, and email the PDF file back 
to them. Which I did, happily.
	I have always thought PDF was a static 'viewing' type of format. I was 
blown away by these dynamic fields that I could enter text into from a computer, 
and then save the PDF file when done.
	So my question is this:
		How can I create a PDF file like this?

	I currently use Framemaker 7.1 on Solaris. Was this form I used even 
created with Framemaker? If so, how do I do that? If not, then what tools and 
what platform do I need to goto to be able to create PDF files like this.

	Sorry if this might be out of place in this newsgroup, but I don't know 
where else to turn. I'm a software developer who uses Framemmaker on occasion 
for dicumentation.
Thanks, Jim

balson AT comcast DOT net

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