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RE: style questions

My shop takes a pretty minimalist approach to cross references: We refer to
figures, tables, and headings by label and number only (e.g., Figure 1-5,
Table 2-3, Section 5.1.2), unless the item referenced is so remote (e.g., in
another volume) that the reader is unlikely to go look at it, in which
(rare) case we'll include the text of the caption or heading. We never
include page numbers and virtually never include chapter numbers with figure
and table callouts (it would be redundant for us, since our standard figure
and table numbering scheme *includes* the chapter number; i.e., Figure 1-5
would never be in Chapter 3 for us, it would be in Chapter [we actually call
them "Section"] 1).

We initially cap the words Figure, Table, and Section in cross references.
We reserve quotation marks for actual quotations, which means we set titles
of all sorts in italics... but as I've already said, we don't include titles
in text that often.

Hope this helps; I know every shop has its own style...


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Forgive the not-strictly-on-topic questions, but I wonder how other
writers feel about these style choices:

1) referencing chapters, figures, tables using lowercase instead of

    For example:

    see figure 1-5 in chapter 3, Using our Software

    instead of:

   see Figure 1-5 in Chapter 3, Using our Software

2) Using quotation marks to set off a referenced heading, instead
    of italics.

    For example:

    see "That other section I wrote" for more information

    instead of:

    see _That other section I wrote_ for more infroamtion
    (where the _section name_ would be in italics)

I'm finding both of these hard on my eyes, and wonder what
is generally used.

Thanks for any feedback --

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