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IXGen acting strangely

OS: Windows XP, Service pack 2
Program: FrameMaker 6.0p405
IXGen 5.5

I got the following email today. I've never seen this behavior and I really
don't know what to say about it. Has anyone else ever seen the like? Can
anyone suggest a reason as to why this happened?

	I was showing ...(a co-worker) how to view and collapse index
markers with IXGEN (since you were out). 
	When I collapsed the markers, extra paragraphs were inserted in his
text. Are you having the same 
	problem on your PC? If so, I wonder if it is because we are using XP
and using IXGEN for FrameMaker 5.6.

	I know that in some cases, there was a space before the words in the
marker. In FrameMaker, this 
	caused a blank index entry with a page number. I don't know if all
index entries that had the extra 
	space also caused an extra paragraph tag when their marker was
collapsed. The two problems were 
	noticed at different points in the day; I only thought of it now
that they could have been related.

I can't seem to get the same results on my PC (the only real difference
being a better processor and more memory).
So far it's only happened once. Repairing the damage done took ... a while
as the co-worker had not saved his work in some time.

Any help would be appreciated.
Rebecca Downey  -- rdowney@xxxxxxxxxx
Matrox Imaging  -- Technical Writer 

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