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Inconsistent color settings in book

I'm getting an "inconsistent color" error when I update a book file.  The situation is almost exactly as Ed Treijs described in the following posting:

> Subject: Weird FM 7.0 problem with inconsistent color setting
> From: Ed Treijs <etreijs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 18:20:03 -0500

I didn't see a reply in the archive though.

Basically, all my files use "PANTONE Process Blue CVU."  When I update the book file I get an error message stating that the definition for that color is inconsistent.  When I print the book I get an error message stating that inconsistent color settings may cause problems.

I've checked the definitions for all the files (in the MIF and the color definition dialog).  They are all identical.  The resulting PDF seems fine to me.

Where does the inconsistency lie?  Can I ignore this problem?  I am using Framemaker 7.0v578 on Windows 2000.


Peter Desjardins
The Oak Group
(781) 943-2259

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