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RE: Can you import PageMaker 6.5 into FrameMaker 7.0 ?


This can not be readily done in FM 7.0 but the recently announced
version 7.1 does include PageMaker filters that greatly simply this
task.  7.1 will be (is) available only for Windows and Solaris.

If you have to do this in pre-7.1 FrameMaker, you will need to export
(as RTF) the content and import that into your FM files.  You'll need to
(re)apply tags, and may have significant problems with tables and/or
graphics, so this is not a trivial task but other tools (FDK,
FrameScript) can greatly simplify these issues.

Note: a FrameMaker book by itself does not directly contain content, but
rather contains (or more accurately, manages) the files that contain the

-- Lester
 Lester C. Smalley               Email: lsmalley AT infocon DOT com
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Can you import a PageMaker 6.5 document into FrameMaker 7.0 book and
then update?


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