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Selecting graphic frame with other objects


I sometimes use a graphic frame inside an anchored
frame, or directly on a page that doesn't have a
text box.  It seems that FM6 on solaris 8 doesn't
let me select the graphic frame along with other
objects (rectangles, imported graphic, grouped
objects, etc..).  I have to select either the
graphic frame or other objects.  This makes it
tricky to copy a whole bunch of things when one of
those things is a graphic frame.  I can copy the
graphic frame separately, but I have to position it
again relative to the other objects that were
copied.  Is this a feature?  Is there a way around


P.S.  Sent to
Fred Ma
Dept. of Electronics, Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1S 5B6

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