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RE: How to Avoid Screwing Up Your System BADLY! (WAS: New Version of Adobe FrameMaker ...)


This concern has come up before, numerous times in fact.

WHY can't the installation programs check to see what is already installed on the user's system and ASK THE USER / PROVIDE APPROPRIATE WARNINGS when installation would cause problems?  

If someone decides to install anyway after the software says (in effect) "YO, pudding-head!  If you proceed you will mess up your ability to make a PDF file from every single application installed on this machine.  Are you really, REALLY sure you want to defile the system that?" then I have absolutely no sympathy for them. But the software itself should not, for lack of a better word, default to do precisely that.

It seems frankly absurd that I can install a new version of software, FrameMaker 7.0 perhaps, and as part of that installation have it corrupt another program that is installed, Acrobat for example, just because it does not bother to find out I have Acrobat 6 and not 5 or even 4 installed.

I seem to recall you having spent a great deal of time addressing these problems in this forum; and I suspect that Adobe Customer Support did also.  I would think that requiring the programming of an installation routine that does not bunny-stomp on another correctly installed application would take no more time than you have devoted in the past, and now may have to do again as FrameMaker 7.1 hits the streets and systems of the user community.

- Lester 

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Absolutely NOT! Adobe does not support multiple versions of Acrobat or mixtures of Acrobat, stand-alone Distiller, and Reader concurrently installed on the same system.

Although (unfortunately), the installers do not prevent such mishagoss AND it is possible to run such versions with reduced functionality, the fact is that neither FrameMaker "save as PDF", printing to the "Acrobat Distiller" or "Adobe PDF" printer instance, nor display of PDF in a browser window will work predictably and/or reliably under such circumstances.

        - Dov

At 12/1/2003 09:19 AM, =?koi8-r?B?58XP0sfJyiDizMHHz8TB1M/X?= wrote:
> Hello Dov,
> Can I have this Distiller 6.0 (shipped with FM 7.1), full Acrobat 5.05 CE & Adobe Reader 6.0 running correctly on one WinXP computer?
> Regards,
> Georgy
> (Blagodatov@monolit.com)
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>Subject: Re: New Version of Adobe FrameMaker Extends Powerful XML Capabilities
> FrameMaker 7.1 will ship with Distiller 6.0 instead of Distiller 5.0.5 
> shipped with FrameMaker 7.0. If you chose NOT to install Distiller 6.0 
> when you install FrameMaker 7.1, you can still continue to use Acrobat 
> 5.0.5 or Distiller 5.0.5 without any problem.
>        - Dov

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