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Re: FW: eps file size questions

I assume that you realize that what type of "preview" you use in the EPS
file has no influence whatsoever on what appears in your PDF file unless
you use PDFWriter to create the PDF from FrameMaker! Obviously, higher
resolution or complex EPS headers will increase the time to scroll through
the FrameMaker document!

        - Dov

At 7/3/2003 08:42 AM, Owen, Clint wrote:
>Luckily, we only share our final output as PDF, not the FM files. One of our
>larger manuals could have 80 large format drawings, and the difference in
>file size of the graphics starts to add up quickly. It becomes agonizingly
>slow to scroll through the schematic section of the document when we use TIF
>Clint Owen, ELDEC

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