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Re: FW: eps file size questions


Although the spec for EPS provides for both TIFF and WMF variants (or
even the possibility of BOTH in the same EPS file), in reality, 
Windows EPS format with TIFF preview is the only flavour of EPS that
you can reasonably assume can be reliably "consumed" by the widest
range of applications on both Windows and Mac platforms.

        - Dov

At 7/3/2003 07:52 AM, Owen, Clint wrote:
>The preview can make a big difference. We use Micrografx Designer to create
>EPS files, which gives the choice of TIF or WMF preview. With a tif preview
>the final EPS file is 10 to 20 times larger than with WMF, and takes
>correspondingly longer to load and scroll past. Think about it; TIF is a
>bitmap format, while WMF (or another file type you could choose) is a
>vector. If your graphic doesn't have bitmap content, why would you use a
>bitmap preview if you could avoid it? Otherwise, use the lowest resolution
>preview you can get away with.
>Clint Owen, ELDEC
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>From: Kevin Meadows [mailto:kmeadows@opex.com]
>Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2003 7:31 AM
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>Subject: eps file size questions
>Hi all.
>Two eps file size related questions:
>1. We create eps files for import by reference into Frame. I've noticed
>that some of our eps files are what I believe to be quite large - some go
>up to 2M. The eps's are created from CorelDRAW 10. I've played around with
>CorleDRAW's filters to try and reduce file size - but to no avail. I even
>downloaded a trial version of Illustrator (v10) but didn't see much of a
>change in file size. My question is, what are "average" eps file sizes for
>you all?
>2. What causes the "delay" in loading eps files imported by reference?
>Does a higher tiff preview cause a longer delay, or does a greater overall
>eps file size cause the delay? I realize that the increase in tiff preview
>dpi means a rise in eps file size - but it doesn't seem that considerable.
>FYI: Win2k Pro, Frame 7.0, CorelDRAW 10, Illustrator 10.

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