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Re: eps file size questions


There is no such thing as an "average" EPS file size. The size
of an EPS file depends on (1) how complex the content is, especially
if there is image data in the CorelDRAW or Illustrator document
and (2) as you surmise, what if any preview header you choose.
If you have complex content, there is not much you can do other
than to simplify the content. If images are involved, lower
resolution could significantly cut the EPS file size. But if you
need the complexity and/or resolution, quit sweating the file
size issue.

As to your second question, EPS files imported by "reference" must
be individually searched for and opened by FrameMaker when opening
your FrameMaker document. Obviously, if you have a bigger preview
header (which, by the way is actually stored at the end of the file),
it takes longer to read and to either downsample or interpolate for
use on the screen. The delays encountered therein are even longer
if the EPS files are on network volumes due to the overhead of
transferring data between systems.

        - Dov (back from vacation)

At 7/3/2003 07:31 AM, Kevin Meadows wrote:
>Hi all.
>Two eps file size related questions:
>1. We create eps files for import by reference into Frame. I've noticed
>that some of our eps files are what I believe to be quite large - some go
>up to 2M. The eps's are created from CorelDRAW 10. I've played around with
>CorleDRAW's filters to try and reduce file size - but to no avail. I even
>downloaded a trial version of Illustrator (v10) but didn't see much of a
>change in file size. My question is, what are "average" eps file sizes for
>you all?
>2. What causes the "delay" in loading eps files imported by reference?
>Does a higher tiff preview cause a longer delay, or does a greater overall
>eps file size cause the delay? I realize that the increase in tiff preview
>dpi means a rise in eps file size - but it doesn't seem that considerable.
>FYI: Win2k Pro, Frame 7.0, CorelDRAW 10, Illustrator 10.

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