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FM contract position, So. Calif, Aug/Sept (don't reply to thread)

JOB OPENING: FrameMaker 7.0/XML user

TYPE OF WORK: Production (not consulting nor training)
     large scale technical documentation, book files with
     generated TOC, IX and lots of tables, using structured
     FrameMaker. (Note: Struct App files already developed)

LOCATION: Southern California, Orange County (near Fullerton)

TIME FRAME: 6-12 weeks, starting mid Aug or early Sept.

SHIFT: M-F, Day time, 6 AM - 3 PM preferred, hours negotiable

SALARY: "competitive" for production (but not for consulting)

     NOTE: please do not reply to sender of this E-mail, (it
     was posted for a third party). E-mail address listed at
     end of this message.

REQUIREMENTS: work at customer site for 1 to 2 months editing and authoring 
structured FM7 documents in networked PC environment. Experienced on-site 
FM staff member will be available to supervise projects. Please note that 
all work involves heavy-duty production editing in a "fast-paced" 
environment. (No consulting or training).

Typical job duties will involve inputting red-line corrections into 
structured documents, generating PDF from book files, and using  eb Works 
Professional to generate HTML (as per documented directions). Advanced 
FrameMaker skills essential, WebWorks Publisher skills a "plus".

No reimbursement for transportation to/from work location, locally based 
applicants only need apply. (No relocation or T/E expenses available).

Interested parties send inquiries or resume, references and qualifications to:

mhoffmann@translate.com <== note 2 n's in name

Resumes via E-mail are preferred, but hard copy resumes
can be FAXed to (805) 494-9591.

(Max Hoffmann, RWS Group, LLC ... yes, I'm the one that used to work at
Frame Tech.)

Sheila Carlisle         NEW --->  V: 425/ 486-2988   F: 425/ 483-3836
Axial InfoSolutions Inc.               (Bothell, Washington)
Automated Publishing Solutions  /  XML Publishing Solutions
http://www.axialinfo.com  http://www.miramo.com

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