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RE: FM 7.0p576 copy or cut to clipboard crash

After upgrading to p578 and rebooting, the error happened again some 20 or so copy/paste executions using the keyboard.

All I've got running is MS ActiveSync (for a PDA), Trend OfficeScan (for virus protection), and MS Outlook (because that's the standard e-mail program for now) on Win2k Pro 5.00.2195, Service Pack 3, Pentium 4, 1.3 Ghz, 522 Mb RAM, plenty o' hard disk space.

After copying and pasting from MS Outlook to Frame and from point A to point B in a single Frame file, ye olde crasheroonie.

Anytime I restart Frame and try copying, I get the same crash. Luckily, the infamous reboot allows me to start the process all over.

Off to submit the info at www.microtype.com ...

Jason "still a Frame Templar" Aiken
Affirmation: I am a good person. I can use non-structured, vanilla-style Frame because I'm okay without using markup languages on my own professional documents and I trust myself.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Aiken, Jason 
> Sent: Monday, June 23, 2003 3:02 PM
> To: framers@omsys.com
> Cc: Aiken, Jason
> Subject: FM 7.0p576 copy or cut to clipboard crash
> Hey all,
> I'm writing to see whether it's just me or whether others 
> have noticed a fairly repetitive issue with FM 7.0. If I can, 
> I'll update to p578 and observe whether or not the adverse 
> behavior continues. If it does, I'll submit the info to 
www.microtype.com .

I've already send the appropriate error logs to Adobe (fmerror@adobe.com). I didn't find this bug listed at Adobe or at www.microtype.com .

At any rate, when I'm working in FM 7.0p576 on Windows 2000 Professional, I frequently use copy and cut commands initiated by the keyboard shortcuts (ctrl + c and ctrl + x).

Sometime after receiving the Windows warning dialog asking me to click "OK" because I'm about to copy over a previous item in the buffer, FrameMaker 7.0 spits out an internal error. That is, about 10-20 copy/pastes after receiving the Windows dialog box, I receive the message: "Internal Error 7004, 5899370, 7569858, 7568538. FrameMaker has detected a serious problem and must quit..."

Just curious whether any of y'all have seen the same thing or not,
Jason Aiken aka Frame Templar
IT Developer
Medtronic, Inc.

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