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RE: FM 7.0p576 copy or cut to clipboard crash

> At any rate, when I'm working in FM 7.0p576 on Windows 2000 
> Professional, I frequently use copy and cut commands 
> initiated by the keyboard shortcuts (ctrl + c and ctrl + x).
> Sometime after receiving the Windows warning dialog asking me 
> to click "OK" because I'm about to copy over a previous item 
> in the buffer, FrameMaker 7.0 spits out an internal error. 

If this is not a general problem with 7.0 (dunno, our 7 has not been
delivered yet), then check what other applications are open and using the

With Frame 5.5.6 on WinNT, we saw clipboard-related problems when also
running eXceed and enabling Auto Copy X Selection and Auto Paste to X

I forget the finer details because this was a couple of years back, but in
this case it was eXceed that crashed.  I believe that the crashes would
happen when pasting to the clipboard from Frame.  May also have been
messages about clipboard being overwritten, not necessarily always resulting
in an eXceed crash.

Ed (such a handy feature, too bad!) Treijs

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