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RE: converting a .fm file to .mif without opening the file in Frame

Peter beat me to the punch for suggestions (damn those smart consultants <VBG>), but I'll add two points:

1) Copy a good tiff file and renamed the copy. Don't just replace the name, in case that  tiff is referenced in the file as well. You will avoid one more stopping point in the open process.

2) If the heroic open succeeds, do not do anything in FrameMaker except Save as MIF.

The ESC o H  command bypasses all sorts of checks to 'force' a file to open and the content should not be modified in any way.

   *** After a OpenHeroic command, the document should be saved as MIF
       and reopened prior to editing. ***

This warning appears in the file (cmds.cfg in windows) that is viewable as text in Windows and Unix versions of FM, I haven't a clue if is viewable or what it's name is in the Macintosh version.

On Thursday, June 19, 2003 20:22, Peter Gold [pngold@ix.netcom.com] wrote:

FM is looking for a file in the same directory as the FM file. Try renaming
a good TIFF file to the name that it's looking for, in the same directory.
Then try opening the file.

If that doesn't work, try this command from inside FM:

With any document open, tap these keys in sequence: Escape o (lowercase
"oh") H (uppercase "Aitch")

This is the "Heroic Open" keyboard shortcut. Choose the problem file. When
it opens, if it does, save it as MIF, close the open version, open the MIF,
then save that file.

If THAT doesn't work, make a copy for safety, then try to open the file in a
binary-safe file editor - you can probably find a freeware or shareware at
versiontracker.com or similar sites. You might find the filename for the
TIFF; if so, change it to the name of a good TIFF file. Save the file in its
original format. Open and hope<G>.



Peter Gold

-- Lester
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