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Re: converting a .fm file to .mif without opening the file inFrame

FM is looking for a file in the same directory as the FM file. Try renaming
a good TIFF file to the name that it's looking for, in the same directory.
Then try opening the file.

If that doesn't work, try this command from inside FM:

With any document open, tap these keys in sequence: Escape o (lowercase
"oh") H (uppercase "Aitch")

This is the "Heroic Open" keyboard shortcut. Choose the problem file. When
it opens, if it does, save it as MIF, close the open version, open the MIF,
then save that file.

If THAT doesn't work, make a copy for safety, then try to open the file in a
binary-safe file editor - you can probably find a freeware or shareware at
versiontracker.com or similar sites. You might find the filename for the
TIFF; if so, change it to the name of a good TIFF file. Save the file in its
original format. Open and hope<G>.



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On 6/19/03 6:13 PM, "anandastevens@attbi.com" <anandastevens@attbi.com>
> Is there a way to convert a .fm file to a .mif file without opening the
> file in Frame?
> I have a .fm file that references an animation that was saved
> incorrectly. Now I'm having trouble opening the .fm file. I figure the
> way around this is to get the file into a .mif format, then edit the
> .mif file and remove the reference to the animation. I've managed to
> get the file opened in Frame *once*, but subsequent tries have been
> unsuccessful. I've restarted Frame and Classic a number of times. When
> I open the .fm file, Frame looks for the file "Untitled.00000.tif", the
> image of the first frame in the animation. Unfortunately, the
> individual frames are no longer available. So when I hit "Cancel",
> Frame appears to hang.
> We are working on getting a new version of the animation file;
> hopefully, Frame will see the correctly-formatted animation file and
> open the .fm file. However, if that doesn't happen....
> Any suggestions?
> I've got FM7 on a Mac running OS X v 10.2.5.
> Thanks,
> Ananda

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