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converting a .fm file to .mif without opening the file in Frame

Is there a way to convert a .fm file to a .mif file without opening the 
file in Frame?

I have a .fm file that references an animation that was saved 
incorrectly. Now I'm having trouble opening the .fm file. I figure the 
way around this is to get the file into a .mif format, then edit the 
.mif file and remove the reference to the animation. I've managed to 
get the file opened in Frame *once*, but subsequent tries have been 
unsuccessful. I've restarted Frame and Classic a number of times. When 
I open the .fm file, Frame looks for the file "Untitled.00000.tif", the 
image of the first frame in the animation. Unfortunately, the 
individual frames are no longer available. So when I hit "Cancel", 
Frame appears to hang.

We are working on getting a new version of the animation file; 
hopefully, Frame will see the correctly-formatted animation file and 
open the .fm file. However, if that doesn't happen....

Any suggestions?

I've got FM7 on a Mac running OS X v 10.2.5.


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