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Re: converting a .fm file to .mif without opening the file inFrame

Lester's excuse, "I was working on something else at the time!" lets him off
the hook. I wasn't doing anything when I saw this request<G>.

On 6/19/03 8:02 PM, "Lester C. Smalley" <lsmalley@infocon.com> wrote:

> Peter beat me to the punch for suggestions (damn those smart consultants
> <VBG>), but I'll add two points:
> 1) Copy a good tiff file and renamed the copy. Don't just replace the name, in
> case that  tiff is referenced in the file as well. You will avoid one more
> stopping point in the open process.

Good point!
> 2) If the heroic open succeeds, do not do anything in FrameMaker except Save
> as MIF.
> The ESC o H  command bypasses all sorts of checks to 'force' a file to open
> and the content should not be modified in any way.
>  *** After a OpenHeroic command, the document should be saved as MIF
>      and reopened prior to editing. ***
> This warning appears in the file (cmds.cfg in windows) that is viewable as
> text in Windows and Unix versions of FM, I haven't a clue if is viewable or
> what it's name is in the Macintosh version.

There is no reason to fear the Macintosh. The file is in the FM installation
folder:Samples:ConfigUI:commands (":" on Macintosh is the directory
separator character, like "/" in UNIX and "\" in Windows.)

It's a text file on Macintosh, just as on the other platforms.


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> On Thursday, June 19, 2003 20:22, Peter Gold [pngold@ix.netcom.com] wrote:
> FM is looking for a file in the same directory as the FM file. Try renaming
> a good TIFF file to the name that it's looking for, in the same directory.
> Then try opening the file.
> If that doesn't work, try this command from inside FM:
> With any document open, tap these keys in sequence: Escape o (lowercase
> "oh") H (uppercase "Aitch")
> This is the "Heroic Open" keyboard shortcut. Choose the problem file. When
> it opens, if it does, save it as MIF, close the open version, open the MIF,
> then save that file.
> If THAT doesn't work, make a copy for safety, then try to open the file in a
> binary-safe file editor - you can probably find a freeware or shareware at
> versiontracker.com or similar sites. You might find the filename for the
> TIFF; if so, change it to the name of a good TIFF file. Save the file in its
> original format. Open and hope<G>.

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