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RE: sizing graphics on importing XML

Hi Lynn, 

Why is it not suprising to me that you were the first that responded ;-))

And again, you provided the answer I was looking for... thanks a lot, right
on the spot.

I think I can manage to combine the two values into one attribute, so:
problem solved.
I really should read the Online Manual more carefully next time...

Thanks again


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Lynne A. Price [mailto:lprice@txstruct.com] 
> Sent: dinsdag, 20 mei 2003 15:24
> To: Theun Fleer; 'framers@omsys.com'
> Subject: Re: sizing graphics on importing XML
> At 01:00 PM 5/20/03 +0200, Theun Fleer wrote:
> >When I import the XML with the appropiate r/w-rules for "width" and 
> >"height" FM does not scale the graphics, but only the 
> anchored frames!
> >
> >When I use a r/w-rule like
> >
> >	fm property import size value is "41mm 41mm";
> >
> >
> Theun,
>   The behavior you describe is expected. There are two points 
> of confusion. One is the particular properties you are 
> setting and the other is the use of attributes versus fm 
> property rules.
>   On the first point, look at the description of the height 
> and width properties on pp. 303-304 of the Structure 
> Application Developer's Guide: they refer to the height and 
> width of the anchored frame, exactly as you see. If you want 
> to specify the size of an imported file, use either dpi or 
> impsize property (pp. 304-305).
>   On the second point, an fm property rule sets a value for 
> all objects of the specified type. The rule you mention 
> states that all graphics should be imported at 41mm x 41mm.
>   If you want the size of the imported object to be 
> determined by attributes determined from the originally 
> encoded height and width, then you need to combine both 
> dimensions into a single attribute. Since you are multiplying 
> the original value by 75%, you want to change
>      <graphic file="file.eps" height="100mm" width="100mm"/>
> to
>      <graphic file="file.eps" impsize="75mm 75mm"/>
>   You won't need a r/w rule unless you decide to use an 
> attribute name other than impsize.
> 	--Lynne
> Lynne A. Price
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