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Re: sizing graphics on importing XML

At 01:00 PM 5/20/03 +0200, Theun Fleer wrote:

>When I import the XML with the appropiate r/w-rules for "width" and "height"
>FM does not scale the graphics, but only the anchored frames!
>When I use a r/w-rule like 
>	fm property import size value is "41mm 41mm";

  The behavior you describe is expected. There are two points of confusion.
One is the particular properties you are setting and the other is the
use of attributes versus fm property rules.
  On the first point, look at the description of the height and width
properties on pp. 303-304 of the Structure Application Developer's Guide:
they refer to the height and width of the anchored frame, exactly as you
see. If you want to specify the size of an imported file, use either
dpi or impsize property (pp. 304-305).
  On the second point, an fm property rule sets a value for all objects
of the specified type. The rule you mention states that all graphics should
be imported at 41mm x 41mm.
  If you want the size of the imported object to be determined by attributes
determined from the originally encoded height and width, then you need
to combine both dimensions into a single attribute. Since you are multiplying
the original value by 75%, you want to change

     <graphic file="file.eps" height="100mm" width="100mm"/>


     <graphic file="file.eps" impsize="75mm 75mm"/>

  You won't need a r/w rule unless you decide to use an attribute name
other than impsize.


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