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sizing graphics on importing XML

hi all,

Maybe I'm overlooking something very obvious...

FM7 (newest patch), Illustrator 10, Windows XP.

Most of the graphics in the publication for which I'm developing a
(structured) FM-application are in EPS-format.
They're sized 6cm x 6cm. In my fm-template there's a sidehead, width 4cm. 
The graphics are supposed to go into this sidehead. So the graphics must be

The XML-documents are authored in XMetaL, and when the authors import a
graphic file, XMetaL writes the width and height in the XML like this:

	<graphic width="170pt" height="170" /> <!-- deleted atts -->
<!--	<graphic> is the element representing the graphic, 
	<figure> is a container to place the graphics in the sidehead --> 

With XLST - which I also need for other purposes - I can multiply all
att-values with 0.75 so I end up with about the right size. 
When I import the XML with the appropiate r/w-rules for "width" and "height"
FM does not scale the graphics, but only the anchored frames!

When I use a r/w-rule like 

	fm property import size value is "41mm 41mm";

*all* graphics are fit in a box of 41mm x 41mm, which is good for the
"sidehead-graphics" but not for all...
Some graphics are larger and must be placed in the "regular" column. These
larger ones have other values for "width" and "height".
And all anchored frames are sized according to the values of "width" and
"height" in the XML.

So, my question: is there a way to tell FM that the graphics are to be
scaled according to the values of the width and height atts as present in
the XML? Or can FM only scale the anchored frames?
Because then I have to extend my XSLT (and EDD) and differ for let's say 4
of 5 "predefined" sizes, each with its own name, so I can specify the sizes
with r/w-rules. I do not prefer to go that road...

I have full control of both DTD and EDD, but the impact on existing content
should be as low as possible.

I'm on digest, so please also reply directly.

Theun Fleer
Tedopres, The Netherlands

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