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ANN: Training: FrameMaker, XML, Structure, North Carolina, USA

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Need professional training? Our public training classes maximize your time 
and money with practical instruction and professional training 
supplements.  Our private training classes are customized to fit your needs 
and your materials. Scriptorium Publishing is an Adobe Certified Training 
Provider and home of the authors of FrameMaker 7: The Complete Reference.

Scheduled public classes are offered in Cary, North Carolina, USA; our 
office is 10 minutes from the Raleigh-Durham (RDU) airport. Classes are 
limited to six participants. Private training is available at your site or 

Don't have the time or money for a class? Our unique workbooks offer a 
low-cost alternative to training and are full of hands-on exercises, 
instructional videos, and tips from expert users. For more information see 

Here's our summer schedule of public classes.  (We offer a 10% discount for 
registering 3 or more weeks in advance; contact us for 
multiple-registration discounts.)

 >XML and Structured Authoring (This class is not FrameMaker based.) ($800, 
2 days)
This course is intended for technical writers and other content creators 
who are exploring the possibility of using Extensible Markup Language (XML) 
and structured authoring in their publishing efforts. The course provides a 
solid introduction to XML and explains how XML can fit into a technical 
publishing environment.
-June 19-20
-August 7-8

 >Unstructured FrameMaker 7: Accelerated Introduction ($800, 2 days)
This fast-paced, intensive class teaches you about the basics of 
unstructured FrameMaker and then shows you how to use the advanced 
capabilities of this very powerful tool. You'll learn about FrameMaker's 
time-saving features such as cross-references, variables, and conditional 
text. You'll generate a table of contents and an index, and work with 
tables, paragraph tags, and character tags.
-June 3-4
-July 22-23

 >Advanced Unstructured FrameMaker 7: Template Design ($1100, 2 days)
During this class, you will build a FrameMaker template by adding master 
pages, paragraph and character tags, table tags, and other formats to a 
default FrameMaker document. You will add and implement color, and 
incorporate time-saving features (such as automatic running headers and 
footers) to boost the productivity of the writers using your template. You 
will also create companion templates for tables of contents and indexes.
-July 24-25

 >Structured FrameMaker 7: Introduction to Authoring ($1100, 2 days)
This course introduces you to FrameMaker's structured interface and shows 
you how to create documents with elements. Learn about elements, their 
relationships to each other, and how to manipulate them in the structure 
view. You'll create content by inserting elements for text, 
cross-references, variables, and other components. By working with the 
elements in a sample structured template, you'll see how templates provide 
you with a structure for your document and offer time-saving features such 
as automatic insertion of elements.
-June 23-24
-August 18-19

 >Advanced Structured FrameMaker 7: Building EDDs ($1100, 2 days)
This class shows you how to plan and design a structured template, or 
element definition document (EDD). First, you will learn about document 
analysis and its critical role in the EDD creation process, and then you 
will create an EDD. You will define container elements, and you will add 
elements for document components such as footnotes, cross-references, and 
graphics. You will also implement general rules, set up 
inclusions/exclusions and automatic insertion of children, add formatting 
to the EDD, and add prefixes and suffixes to elements.
-June 25-26
-August 20-21

 >Advanced Structured FrameMaker 7: Structure Applications ($550, 1 day)
This course shows how to create structured applications for converting 
FrameMaker files to tagged output (such as XML). Learn about importing and 
exporting structured content.
-June 27
-August 22

visit www.scriptorium.com/training
email training@scriptorium.com
or call +919-481-2701 x105

Sarah O'Keefe           okeefe@scriptorium.com
Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc.
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