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RE: Automating migration to new Frame template?

Hi Simon!

Thanks for your advice!

I was kind of dreading fixing the tables--figured that could get kind of

But, I think the same technique used to swap out the PgfCatalog with a new
one, and then find/replace instances of paragraph tags in the body content,
could be used on character and table formatting. I'll try it and let you
know what happens... :-)

Thanks again, James

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From: Simon Bate [mailto:simon.bate@Remedy.COM]
Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2003 4:21 PM
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Subject: RE: Automating migration to new Frame template?

Hi James,

I've had two different occasions for migrating to new templates.  In both
cases I used FrameScripts to help automate the process.  

The only thing that was different about the two was that in the first one, I
wrote a FrameScript to cut and paste text into a new set of templates (to
leave behind all sorts of accumulated garbage); in the second one, we just
imported the templates onto existing files.

In both conversions, I wrote scripts to:

o  Change paragraph tags and discard the old tags
o  Change character tags and discard the old tags
o  Change table formats
o  Change cross-reference formats and discard the old formats
o  Perform miscellaneous clean-ups (deleting old color definitions, for

The scripts that change tags are table driven (a FrameMaker table lists the
old tag name and the new name to replace it with).  

I think the main thing that I would point out from the above is that you
seem to be focusing on paragraph changes only.  Perhaps that's all that
changed in your templates, but in my experience, template changes are
usually a bit more complex than that.  


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