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Re: Change bars on/off (was: Top of Column keyboard shortcut)

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From: sharon.bradshaw@dothill.com
> is there a shortcut for turning Change Bars on and off? I
> want to turn it on incident specific. I don't want Change
> bars showing when I adjust white space.
> I looke through FM Express Customization and didn't see it. Did I miss it?

I've seen the other replies, and perhaps I'm missing the point,
but there is a shortcut for changing individual change bars.
That is, if you want automatic change bars for most changes,
you have them turned on, and then you use the shortcut to
delete the change bars at the places where you don't want them.

1. Select the text that has change bars (select complete rows if
  you're unsure). (Or set up the Find dialog to find a Character
  Format of "As Is" except for Change Bars turned on.)
2. Hit Ctrl+Shift+H (Esc c h).
  This will toggle the change bar status for the selected text.
  If the change bars don't disappear, use the shortcut twice.
3. If you're in a table, you may need to hit Ctrl+L to correctly
  refresh the display of the change bars.

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