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Re: Printing 2400DPI PDF on tabloid paper


This is a very well known problem. At a certain combination of high resolution
settings and paper size, the symptoms occur. Basically, if the coordinates of
a graphic object on a page in absolute device pixels exceeds 32K, problems 

The workaround is to print via PDF, creating a PDF using a driver setting
no more than 600 dpi. This will not have a noticeable effect on your PDF or
the resultant output when printing from Acrobat. (Images are NOT downsampled
or interpolated in FrameMaker to match the print driver resolution!)
Unfortunately, major coding changes to the print system would be necessary to
fix this problem which has unfortunately been in the Windows version of
FrameMaker from the beginning.

        - Dov

At 4/29/2003 03:03 PM, Thierry Lagueux wrote:
>I tried today to print a 11 x 17 doc at 2400 DPI and it just would not print! FrameMaker print a PS file, but it does not contain anything...
>(On Windows XP, Acrobat 5, Frame6+SGML)
>I even try to start from a new doc (11 x 17). I tried with Frame7 (with latest update), I tried Frame56, I tried using the universal driver, and a bunch of Linotype drivers, nothing works!
>But the doc prints fine at 1200 DPI, this is very strange.
>I finally had to do it on a 98 system with Acrobat 4.
>Does anyone knows anything about this?
>I tried to find some reference of Adobe's website, but did not find anything.

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