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FDK question: How to make resources coexist and eliminate LNK4059

One of the customized dll's that I am maintaining for my department handles
all the Import/Export funtionality.  This dll requires that I specify a link
to fmstruct.res (pg 29 of the FDK reference).  I would like to add a version
resource from Visual C++ 6.0 to this dll so that I can track configurations
and have Framemaker 7.0 load the dll automatically from the fminit\plugins

The problem appears when I build my project with multiple resources.  I get
a LNK4059 warning telling me that fmstruct.res is already specifed and that
the additional resource file (version.rc) is ignored.  So, how can I create
a functional import / export dll that contains a properly structured version
resource that will let the plugin load automatically from the fminit\plugins
directory?  Leaving fmstruct.res out is not an option because, while the
project compiles and links OK, Framemaker crashes when I try to save to

Any insight on how to integrate multiple resources would be appreciated.


Chuck Vorndran
Software Development Engineer
Xerox Corporation
  Xerox Global Services / eServices


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