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RE: Upgrade to Windows XP

I can vouch for the fact that Acrobat gets quite out-of-sorts when you try
to re-install it after an upgrade to XP Pro from Windows 98. Though I got
the product on, and it would distill existing .ps files, it was impossible
to get the Distiller Printer installed.

So I did a clean install, as advised by Dov. And I still had a couple of

* The first try froze at 82 percent of the way through adding the registry
* The second try completed, but I got a message that I might not be able to
* I had been advised to download Adobe Universal Postscript Windows Driver
Installer 1.06 from the Adobe website, so I did that. However, the
executable, winsteng.exe (?) wouldn't run. It said I needed to free up 13MB
on my C: drive. I had 72Gig free on my C: drive, but I freed up another 13
anyway and it still gave me the same message. 

So I installed adist5.ppd, and I pray for the best. Is there something in
that 1.06 download that would be better than what I have, and, if so, how do
I get it to open? 

Walter Crockett

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