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Re: Installing missing fonts in Frame

If you installed the fonts via the fonts control panel,
they should "register" with the application. You may
need to restart FrameMaker for it to see the fonts
if you installed them while FrameMaker was actually
running. FrameMaker does NOT have the concept of
a local font directory. You cannot "install" fonts in
the FrameMaker directory. You should remove those
font files from that directory.

Assuming that you do restart FrameMaker and you still
are getting a missing fonts message, exactly what font
or fonts is FrameMaker complaining about not seeing?

        - Dov

At 1/24/2003 05:42 AM, chix linux wrote:
> Ok, this may be a really dumb question but I am
>pretty new to Frame. I installed Frame 7 on my PC
>running Windows XP Pro.
>I then bought the Frame Classroom in a Book and began
>to work through the lessons. When I load one of the
>sample documents, I am prompted that I am missing
>certain fonts and that those fonts will be
>I have no problem with the program substituting the
>fonts because, after all, I'm just doing the lessons.
>However, I did find the correct fonts and installed
>them in my font directory of the windows system
>(control panel > fonts). I also copied these fonts
>into the Frame directory.
>Still, when I open one of the sample documents, I get
>that prompt that I am missing the fonts. Obviously, I
>don't know what I'm doing. 
>Can someone tell me the correct way to have Frame
>recognize that I have these fonts installed on my
>system? Or is there some How-to or tutorial available
>to teach me all about managing fonts?
>Thanks in advance for your help. Please c.c. me at
>linux_chix@yahoo.ca as I am on digest.

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