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Re: Creating imposition directly using save as PDF?

The "n-up" option of the printer drivers is NOT an imposition tool
in that it always shrinks "n" pages of size Y x Z onto a single Y x Z

The most reliable method that I found for this is to create a PDF file
based on your logical page size. Then, within Acrobat, invoke the
Quite Imposing or Quite Imposing Plus plug-in from Quite Software 
<http://www.quite.com/> OR the PDFSnake plug-in <http://www.pdfsnake.com/>.
These allow you to take your logical PDF pages and create a new PDF file
with pages imposed according to your needs. Yes, it costs a few $$$, but
it is a lot less expensive than the "high-end" page imposition packages
(up to $10,000) used by many prepress service bureaus.

        - Dov

At 1/8/2003 04:15 AM, Daniel Spreadbury wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm trying to produce a PDF from a Frame file with correct imposition for printing.  It's a 16 page booklet of folded Letter paper, so I'm trying to get 8 landscape Letter pages, e.g. 16/1, 2/15, 14/3, and so on.
>Is there any way of doing this directly in Frame via the Save as PDF option?
>If not, what's the easiest way of doing this?  I have Illustrator and Acrobat at my disposal, but I'd like an automatic solution (even if it's another piece of software) since I have to do this kind of thing quite often, and it was a doddle in Word (using the 2-up printing facility and entering the imposition manually into the Page Range field in the File > Print dialog, then printing to Distiller).

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