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Apply Master Pages bug

Since there have been a handful of messages on applying master pages lately,
I thought I'd share a problem I encountered recently in the FM 7.0 Apply
Master Pages command.

In particular, if a mapping is defined with the Range Indicator set to
"Span pages" and a page break occurs immediately after the paragraph
that triggers the mapping, FM 7.0 applies the indicated master page(s)
to the pages on both sides of the page break. This situation does not
happen often, since master pages are usually triggered by elements such
as section headings that occur near the top of a page. The problem
does occur in both structured and unstructured documents.

For example, suppose you have a paragraph tagged SectionIntro
and map it to a custom master page, specifying "Span pages" in case the
SectionIntro extends over a page break. FM 7.0 applies the indicated
master pages to all pages of a SectionIntro paragraph. However, if
the SectionIntro paragraph ends at the bottom of the page, so that the
next paragraph starts on the next page, that page (the one following
the SectionIntro) also winds up using the master page specified for
SectionIntro. The same behavior occurs regardless of whether the
page break occurs because the SectionIntro extended to the bottom of
the first page (i.e., the next paragraph just happened to start at the
top of a page), or because the paragraph properties of the following
paragraph explicitly require it to start at the top of the next page.

In a structured document, "Span pages" seems to mean all pages spanned
by the first paragraph of the specified element rather than all pages
spanned by the entire element. Whether the next paragraph is the second
paragraph in the same element, or is in a following element, if there
is a page break between the two paragraphs, the specified master page
is erroneously applied to the first page of the second paragraph, as well
as all pages spanned by the first one.


Lynne A. Price
Text Structure Consulting, Inc.
Specializing in FrameMaker+SGML consulting and training
voice/fax: (510) 583-1505
cell phone: (510) 421-2284

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