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Page Sizing is Being Prevented

My current project requires a page size of 80 x 100 mm (app. 3.15 x 3.95

In the Master Pages, I reduced the main text column to 70 x 90 mm. After a
few experiments, my left margin is 2 mm and my top margin is 2 mm. The
footer is 70 x 4.5 mm. There is no header.

It seems that all these changes should be enough to fit inside the 80 x 100
page. However, when I try to change to the Custom page size, I receive an
error message: "Resulting columns would be too narrow."

I've tried changing the right and bottom margins of the text frames in the
Master Change to 2 mm and 3 mm respectfully, even for the footer. However, I
receive an error message: "The top or bottom margin does not leave enough
room for the header or footer."

I'm at wit's end. How can I produce the 80 x 100 mm page size?

FM6, Win 2K

Thanks and Happy New Year to all!

David Schor
Technical Publications Manager
Tel: (+972) 9 959 0006
Mobile: 054 788 253

“1 CLICK AWAY From Being There” - http://www.vcon.com


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