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text display dropouts

I just spent a lot of time fixing a problem that appeared when running FM
6 and 7 on a low-memory (128 Mb) Solaris workstation via an i386, RedHat
7.3 client.

The problem was that some text in FrameMaker documents did not appear in
the screen display of the client: often, the text that 'dropped out' was
background text (e.g., page numbers from master pages), generated text
(e.g., paragraph numbering) and heading text, but sometimes whole lines of
body text would not display.

Attempts to fix the problem by changing memory allocations in the Maker
xresources file failed.  Documents printed to paper and pdf without

What seems to have fixed the problem was changing the value of the Maker
xresources file line

Maker.textStipplefilled: True

to False.

I hope this is useful information for others: I searched the web and a
number of FM sites (e.g., Adobe's) looking for an answer or a
clue--without success.


James Eric Lawson
Research Publications Editor
National Simulation Resource


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They who strip not ideas from the marks men use for them,
but confound them with words, must have endless dispute.
-- Locke.

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