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Re: TT vs Type1 and OT. [Was: RE: Frame 6.0 on XP--does not work for me!!!]

----- Original Message -----
From: Dov Isaacs <isaacs@adobe.com>
Subject: Re: TT vs Type1 and OT. [Was: RE: Frame 6.0 on XP--does not work
for me!!!]

An OpenType font is totally cross-platform compatible. There is no
"Mac version" that hides its data in a "resource fork" that is
invisible under Windows. Just copy back and forth between systems.
Good ...

A bit warning after that:

In fact there are still three incompatible OpenType subformats - a) OpenType
fonts with Adobe subformat like the fonts from Adobe OpenType Collection; b)
OpenType fonts with MS subformat (TTF), and c) OpenType with Apple subformat
(Apple fonts with extra AAT features).

There is main very serious limitation of OpenType fonts with subformat Adobe
sells (it calls OpenType CFF).

Adobe OpenType CFF fonts (the whole of Adobe OpenType Collection, or any
other third-party OpenType CFF fonts) keep the kerning data differently
against TrueType and OpenType MS/Apple.

Die to the ATM limitation in the all versions of Windows as well as in the
all version of MacOS and MacOS X 10.2.x, kerning data will not to be
accessible for standard applications when you use Non-Roman characters from
OpenType CFF fonts (i.e. CE, Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish characters, expanded
typography symbols, etc.).

It means you SHOULD NOT use Adobe OpenType fonts or third-party OpenType CFF
if you use QuarkXPress, Interleaf, PageMaker, MS Office (any version),
FrameMaker, WordPerfect, CorelDraw, FreeHand, for Non-Roman documents or
Non-Roman text fragments as you miss to have kerning for your Non-Roman

It means you might use Adobe OpenType or third-party OpenType CFF fonts yet
if you use InDesign, PhotoShop and future MS Office (next to the XP/X
for Non-Roman text as those applications will provide an access to the
kerning data for all characters of OpenType CFF font.

Both InDesign and PhotoShop support extra OpenType features with Apple
subformat (Apple fonts with extra AAT features) neither in Mac nor in

The situation with OpenType font with Apple AAT features is not thus
critical because of very small number of same fonts in the marker.
There are no DTP/Office/Graphic applications that support extra OpenType
features from OT fonts with AAT excepting Diwan  'Ready,Set,Go!' perfect
line of multilingual publishing software.


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