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Re: TT vs Type1 and OT. [Was: RE: Frame 6.0 on XP--does not work for me!!!]


(1) I know of no reason why Arial would not be suitable for printing
in small point sizes, assuming you like the style of the font. It
renders fairly well, even at 6pt on a 600dpi device, certainly no
worse than Adobe's Type 1 Helvetica at the same size with the same

(2) What OpenType is "all about" is interoperability and simplicity.
First of all, OpenType fonts may contain either bezier curve font
character outline descriptions (like Type 1 fonts) or quadratic curve
font character outline descriptions (like TrueType fonts). Unlike the 
older Type 1 fonts but similar to TrueType fonts, OpenType fonts are 
totally self-contained in a single file containing the font character
outlines, character metrics, kerning data, plus data associated with
advanced formatting functions such as those available with InDesign.
An OpenType font is totally cross-platform compatible. There is no
"Mac version" that hides its data in a "resource fork" that is
invisible under Windows. Just copy back and forth between systems.

(3) Again, we don't know what you are talking about in terms of "older
TT are problematic in some ways."

        - Dov

At 12/18/2002 08:09 AM, Böðvar Björgvinsson wrote:
>Hi Dov,
>Thanks for this enlightening lecture.
>I really thought that it was the OpenType that bridged the "outdated" TT. I have been refraining from TT as much as I can because of these old doctrines, although I have not had any serious problems with them (apart from that Arial is originally created as a screen font -- I heard -- and is not suitable for printing in small font size).
>Just out of curiousity: What was the OpenType all about then? Is the fact not that OpenType is the new version of TT that finally behaves and older TT still are problematic in some ways?
>However my worst problems have been with PS fonts, but that is another story.
>Best regards,

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