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Re: Pow to the people with a Wiki

Hello hedley,

<--------[On 12/19/2002 at 6:19 PM, you said:]--------->
> Open letter to Free Framers, especially Jeremy Griffith, Bill Swallow, and
> Dennis Hays:
> Is it time to rethink the idea of a online periodical, the mailing list,
> and the Web site?

> What about a Wiki?  Don't know what a Wiki is?  Think of online help
> published on the Web that allows ANYBODY to:

> @ add pages,
> @ edit existing pages,
> @ delete pages (gasp!),
> @ include graphics.
 Hedley, you're a bloody genius!

 This email is the most welcome message I could've received. In
 between the various SPAM (extending my anatomy, offering me
 insurance and guaranteeing my mortgage--they must be all
 related), in comes this glorious message from you.

 I'll look into it immediately after Christmas and see what it
 will take to incorporate a Wiki--maybe with a little help from



 Publisher, InFrame

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