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RE: FrameMaker and Acrobat Distiller experts, please help!

Thanks for the added info. In Acrobat 5.0.5, I've been using the Tools > PDF
Consultant > Optimize space command to remove excess links. What's your
opinion/experience on the efficacy of this tool?

Jim Stauffer
Sr. Technical Writer
BeamReach Networks
Sunnyvale, CA

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Shlomo Perets [mailto:mtype@netvision.net.il]
> Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2002 11:35 PM
> To: Jim Stauffer
> Cc: framers@omsys.com; framers@FrameUsers.com
> Subject: Re: FrameMaker and Acrobat Distiller experts, please help!
> Jim,
> In response to my recommendation to turn on Create Named Destinations
> for All Paragraphs turned On (PDF Setup, Links tab), you wrote:
> >Be advised that this results in *huge* PDFs. Only use this 
> if, for some
> >reason, you need a destination marker for every single 
> paragraph in the
> >book.
> True. The extra size added to the PDF because of the additional
> named destinations will vary depending on the file content. As each
> named destination uses 100 characters on the average, it may add up
> when you consider files with tables where each cell has at least one
> paragraph even if it is empty or pages with many short 
> paragraphs (such
> as indexes, listings or generated lists).
> However, this recommendation was made in response to Distiller
> warnings about destinations used but not defined -- which cause bad
> links and/or bookmarks.
> The "PDF Optimization" feature, introduced as a semi-hidden option
> in FM5.5.6, and then expanded and made official in FM6.0 and FM7.0,
> is known to be faulty. Random destinations which are needed for links
> and bookmarks are damaged, while many destinations that are
> redundant are carried over. Related queries are raised frequently by
> users, and it is likely that there are many who just ignore 
> the warnings.
> (and Distiller does not even report all cases where 
> destinations are missing).
> There is a sample file which demonstrates this problem (FM6 or FM7),
> available at 
> http://www.microtype.com/resources/bugs/Dests_hypertext.zip
> Given this situation, unless you actively take measures to ensure that
> all links and bookmarks are valid, one has to choose what's more
> important: file size or interactivity.
> If you want them both, I recommend using the UnBloat function of
> the FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers add-on
> (see http://www.microtype.com/TimeSavers/SPTS-FM.pdf#Unbloat
> for a technical description; user feedback is available at
> http://www.microtype.com/TimeSavers/TSUnBloatFeedback.html)
> Shlomo Perets
> MicroType * http://www.microtype.com
> FrameMaker, Acrobat training & consulting * FM-to-Acrobat 
> TimeSavers/Assistants

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