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Re: FrameMaker and Acrobat Distiller experts, please help!


In response to my recommendation to turn on Create Named Destinations
for All Paragraphs turned On (PDF Setup, Links tab), you wrote:

>Be advised that this results in *huge* PDFs. Only use this if, for some
>reason, you need a destination marker for every single paragraph in the

True. The extra size added to the PDF because of the additional
named destinations will vary depending on the file content. As each
named destination uses 100 characters on the average, it may add up
when you consider files with tables where each cell has at least one
paragraph even if it is empty or pages with many short paragraphs (such
as indexes, listings or generated lists).

However, this recommendation was made in response to Distiller
warnings about destinations used but not defined -- which cause bad
links and/or bookmarks.

The "PDF Optimization" feature, introduced as a semi-hidden option
in FM5.5.6, and then expanded and made official in FM6.0 and FM7.0,
is known to be faulty. Random destinations which are needed for links
and bookmarks are damaged, while many destinations that are
redundant are carried over. Related queries are raised frequently by
users, and it is likely that there are many who just ignore the warnings.
(and Distiller does not even report all cases where destinations are missing).

There is a sample file which demonstrates this problem (FM6 or FM7),
available at http://www.microtype.com/resources/bugs/Dests_hypertext.zip

Given this situation, unless you actively take measures to ensure that
all links and bookmarks are valid, one has to choose what's more
important: file size or interactivity.

If you want them both, I recommend using the UnBloat function of
the FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers add-on
(see http://www.microtype.com/TimeSavers/SPTS-FM.pdf#Unbloat
for a technical description; user feedback is available at

Shlomo Perets

MicroType * http://www.microtype.com
FrameMaker, Acrobat training & consulting * FM-to-Acrobat 

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