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False Alarm! (Was: Sircam Virus on Adobe Type Manager Lite)

I am very sorry to hear of your colleague's problem with her system.
Upon receipt of your posting, I initiated a check by our web team of
our download servers as well as checking for any incidents of problems
logged to check the veracity of the conclusions drawn in your posting.

Absolutely none of our downloadable files are infected with any viruses
nor were they so-infected during the Thanksgiving weekend or any other

Our hypothesis, based upon similar reports and follow-ups in the past,
is that your colleague's system was already infected with the virus and
that ATM Lite installer immediately became infected with the virus upon
completion of the download by that already-established virus. Subsequently
running the ATM installer (possibly followed by a reboot if Windows'9x/Me)
and then ATM itself simply served as a vector to further spread that virus
on the system. Alas, this type (bad pun intended) of scenario is unfortunately
quite common.

I would be interested in knowing exactly which toll-free number was called.
She should not have been shuffled off to “tech support” which obviously has
no connection whatsoever with management of our web site. I will follow-up 
on this if you can get me some very specific information as to that call.

        - Dov

At 12/17/2002 01:43 PM, carpentn@genco.com wrote:
>During Thanksgiving week, the Sircam virus was found on Adobe Type Manager
>Lite.  Here is what happened.
>A colleague of mine was loading FrameMaker 7.  The program instructed her
>to download the latest version of Adobe Type Manager Lite from the Adobe
>web site.  It provided a link.  She did this and the file contained the
>Sircam virus.  It began to delete her hard drive and she was unable to stop
>it.  She shut off the computer, but the damage was extensive.  She had to
>have help from Dell to reload, and lost a week's worth of work time.
>She tried to report it on the Adobe toll-free number and was referred to
>Technical Support, which charges for the long distance call as well as the
>technician's time.  She has since reported the event on the Adobe web site
>customer satisfaction page.  She did not find a contact for reporting
>I hope Adobe has caught and removed the virus based on her report.  I send
>this to our list to alert us all.

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